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Registrant Alert API searches across all registered and dropped domain names for specific search terms such as the registrant's details. The API is ideal for monitoring specific domain registrants to be alerted whenever their information appears in a newly-registered or just-expired domain name.


  • Helps you setting up program to receive notifications whenever specified individuals or organizations register or delete domains.
  • Registrant Alert API searches through all domains from .com, .net, .org, .biz, .mobi, . us, .pro, .coop .asia and thousands of other TLDs for your specified registrant or terms.
  • Search results can be filtered based on registration or expiration date. For example, if you want records only within the last year, you can do that.
  • By default, the result contains all the domain names registered or dropped on the most recent day. Your program can monitor each set of terms by submitting a single query each day.
  • You can backtrack the alerts by setting sinceDate request parameter.

Practical usage

Brand Protection

The product is ideal for brand protection agents to monitor competition.

Domain names monitoring

Registrars and Domainers can use this product to keep track of domain registrations and monitor domain ownership changes.

Enterprise API Packages

API access through WhoisXMLAPI can be purchased as an annual subscription. The access pricing is based on the number of queries, which is measured monthly with per-minute rate limits. The pricing structure gives predictability to business planning and solution architecture.

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